How I Work

We will discuss your difficulties and identify how you can influence them. I will teach you a simple somatic-emotional exercise to help us both better understand your personal way of handling your experiences.  I will also encourage you to remember your dreams and help you to use them to deepen your self-contact and work with your personal formative process.  Working together, we will form the solutions that you are seeking for a more satisfying life.

My Experience

I have over thirty years of personal and professional experience with many forms of therapy including traditional talk therapy, Dance Therapy, Jungian dreamwork and Formative Psychology®. Although all of these experiences inform the work I do today, I have found that Formative Psychology® is the best way for me to understand a person’s dilemmas and to help them form their own solutions.

I am licensed by the State of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist and am experienced in Formative Psychology®. I received a B.S. in Psychology from West Virginia University in 1972 and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA in 1988. I have studied Formative Psychology® with Stanley Keleman at The Center for Energetic Studies in Berkeley, CA since 1990.

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